I have spent my life designing, making, and building things.  As a result, my art takes on a variety of expressions, influenced by a lifelong fascination with spaces and places. From my first business, cleaning and painting houses, when I was fifteen, through restaurants and stores I’ve owned and operated, and on to public and personal spaces and places made as designer and builder, that fascination has grown.

These many years spent building have provided wonderful opportunities to explore and better understand the importance of ceremony in the tasks and activities of ordinary, daily life.  Countless conversations leading to finished structures and spaces, and countless hours spent learning the many ways in which the world is built, unwittingly set the stage for my love affair with glass.

I came to Glass Art somewhat late in life, and by accident: a casual conversation leading to a one-day class: immediate seduction, followed by utter surrender the first time I dipped a steel pipe into a crucible of molten glass. Then came sheet glass, fusing, slumping, and torch-work… a new universe of possibilities. As time went on, glass and its implications inevitably influenced my projects. Very often, I use analogies, syllogisms or metaphors to develop an idea, and the varied characteristics of glass as a material lend themselves naturally to those tools.

With its complex nature, glass provides a powerful vocabulary with which to explore ideas further… exploring the nature of glass to express life’s wonderfully diverse aspects…a wild arc from colorful, flamboyant and playful to quiet, subtle, and serious. Objects of blown glass, shapes of fused or sheet glass, color, shape and light, and the ideas behind them, can help define, and hopefully enhance, the daily activities at the heart of ceremony –and of life. 

To top it off…in addition to being satisfying, beautiful and challenging…working with glass… is deeply fun…!