The Tragic Consequences of Untreated Glass Dependence by Stuart Dubois, Design with Fire, emeritus

In my life I have done stints as, among other things, a homeless dropout dope fiend, a serial college student, a hamburger cook, a Navy sailor,a paralegal, and a computer geek my current day job.

My first sustained artistic effort was in bead weaving. After doing that for a couple of years, I discovered the UC Davis Craft Center, which introduced me, directly and indirectly, to many other media and methods. A partial list would include glass fusing, hot glass work, lost wax casting, lapidary, and wood-working. This list covers most of my artistic output these days.

If my art can be categorized, it would most likely be considered outsider art. I follow no conventions, am part of no school, and generally go wherever the demons/muses tell me to go.