Sharon Peters Lampworking Workshop

October 24-25
9 am-5pm


Creative Sculptural Beadmaking, Silly Stuff, and Creativity 

Design with fire is thrilled to have Sharon Peters teaching an Intermediate level class.  Sculptural techniques and heat control – you’ll get it all!  You’ll learn to visualize and design sculptural beads from the inside out, diagram your designs, and create them working from largest to smallest detail.  We’ll discuss how to turn wonky beads into amazing fish, where to go for inspiration and design ideas, and how to find your own creative voice.  You’ll practice new techniques while making an assortment of strange creatures – fish, lizards, butterflies, assorted creature heads and bodies, the random alien, and you’ll design your own personal weird thing inspired by toys. You’ll experience the amazing Beatles Bead Toss, and you’ll probably survive the Dreaded Poopypants Creativity Exercise!  Fun & learning guaranteed!  We’ll stay a bit late the first night to end the day with a Bead Toss… too much fun!

 Cost: $425 per session for this two day workshop. 


Sharon Peters has  been making handmade Flameworked glass beads since April 1996. The second she lit the gas, turned on the oxygen and the yellow flame turned blue, she was hooked forever.  She tells us that you've gotta try it, better than chocolate!  Way too much fun, melting glass and building up beads from the inside out.

Her beads are bright and silly, with eyeballs, bellybuttons, butts, and stupid grins. They all have names, many with rancid puns. She usually comes up with the name/pun first, and then messes around till she finally has a bead to go with it.